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Andrew Scott - Quality and Innovation
Andrew Scott - Quality and Innovation
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Croeserw School

Ivor Goodsite visit to Croeserw Primary School.

Representatives from Andrew Scott have visited Croeserw Primary School adjacent to the new Croeserw Community Centre project, accompanied by Ivor Goodsite in order to highlight the dangers of playing on, and going near construction sites.

All the children were thrilled to meet Ivor, and participated in a safety presentation and quiz, which really got them involved and using their imaginations. A competition was also organised for the pupils to prepare a safety poster in order to promote site safety and keeping away from construction sites.

Andrew Scott and Ivor returned to judge the competition entries a few months later, and the winning entrant from each class was awarded a £10 book token, with the winning posters published on the Considerate Constructors website.

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