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Andrew Scott - Quality and Innovation
Andrew Scott - Quality and Innovation
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Benjamin Fox

Assistant Quantity Surveyor

Joined Andrew Scott Ltd: July 2012 -

Why did you choose Andrew Scott Ltd?    
Andrew Scott are a nationally recognised company with a proud history of delivering excellence within the construction industry and in particular in the civil engineering field. The forward thinking and increasingly impressive portfolio of Andrew Scott coupled with my desire to work in the Civil Engineering sector aided my decision greatly in choosing Andrew Scott Ltd. Such is the scope of projects that the company has worked on and are currently involved with,  the opportunity to learn and enhanced my skill set was apparent right from the start and immediately drew me in.

What projects have you recently worked on?
My first project I was assigned to whilst working with Andrew Scott was the No 4 Blast Furnace rebuild in which I assisted the Senior Quantity Surveyors in wide variety of tasks across all aspects of the construction profession. In more recent months I was relocated up to the head office to work on the Western Power Distribution Contract, due to Andrew Scott Ltd ambition to grow as a company within the energy sector they saw this as a perfect opportunity for me to grow my experience. Under the tutorage of Contacts Manager William Pugh I have had increased responsibility in areas such as client liaison and estimating as well as growing my knowledge and understanding of how sites are run effectively and efficiently.

What do you enjoy about your job?
I enjoy the constant learning about the different aspects of quantity surveying and in particular putting into practice the skills I have learnt during my studies. I have been involved in the estimating process for Western Power substations across Wales, a role in which I have really enjoyed and something that I have learnt a great deal from.

What is your best achievement at Andrew Scott Ltd?
My greatest achievement to date with Andrew Scott is producing successful winning tenders within the Western Power framework. My roles during the tender submissions covered all aspects of estimating as well as enquiring making to ensure that the price was competitive.

I have just graduated with BSc in Quantity Surveying, Andrew Scott Ltd were very supportive during this time and allowed me carry out my studies whilst working for them on a part-time basis. The help, support and experience of Andrew Scott Ltd senior employees aided me greatly as I passed my exams and obtained my BSc.

What training opportunities have Andrew Scott offered you?
As well as the support shown during my BSc Studies, This September I will be writing a dissertation to graduate with a BSc Hons, Andrew Scott ltd have again supported this decision and have allowed me to access all the relevant information to allow me to achieve this. Andrew Scott have allowed me to make regular site visits across all sites in Wales, this has given me a more hands on responsibility increasing my understanding and seeing first-hand how sites develop throughout the construction process.

What are your future aspirations?

I am hopeful to graduate with my BSc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying within the year as well as adding to my knowledge and understanding in the process. Long term I hope to become chartered and capable of running successful projects in the role of a Quantity Surveyor.

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