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Andrew Scott - Quality and Innovation
Andrew Scott - Quality and Innovation
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The Grange, Margam, Port Talbot SA13 2SP

Christopher Wilde

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Manager

Joined Andrew Scott Ltd: March 2012

Why did you choose Andrew Scott Ltd?
I joined Andrew Scott as a labourer after completing a degree in Architectural Design and Technology. Appreciating my academic background, Andrew Scott allowed me to assist an engineer working on site for the Tata Steel No4 Blast Furnace rebuild. Andrew Scott are currently supporting me to complete a HNC in Civil Engineering at SMU. Andrew Scott are a forward thinking and proactive company knowing that BIM is the future. With this and my experience of BIM in my Architectural Degree they have recently appointed me to staff as a BIM Technician. I aim to increase my academic qualifications further, as well as grow with BIM in Andrew Scott’s as well as the construction industry.

The company are always looking to expand their knowledge and portfolio. They are a local company to me with a proven track record in a number of construction sectors. I wanted to work for a company at the forefront of the government plans to involve BIM in the construction industry as I am always looking to develop and tackle new challenges.

What projects have you recently worked on?
Originally I was working on site within Tata Steel during the No 4 Blast Furnace rebuild, before coming into the main office to help with pre-tender submissions. I have been involved in winning projects such as: Ysgol Carreg Hirfaen, Margam Park, Mustang Marine and SCFC Fairwood Training Facilities.

What do you enjoy about your job?
I enjoy getting involved with pre-tender submissions and working with a wide range of people, learning every day. It has given me an understanding of the work that goes into a project before reaching site.

What is your best achievement at Andrew Scott Ltd?
I have just completed my first year HNC Civil Engineering which I aim to finish within the next year. As well as this I am learning everyday which is helping me expand my knowledge and progress within the company. Also, I have recently won my first BIM project, Ysgol Carreg Hirfaen, which I continue to be heavily involved with.

What training opportunities have Andrew Scott offered you?
Andrew Scott has offered me large amounts of training, from the HNC course I am currently attending, to the heavy investment in BIM software and training. The training they are providing is helping in everyday situations and improving my work output.

What are your future aspirations?
Short term I am to help complete Ysgol Carreg Hirfaen a high standard, giving myself and Andrew Scott a firm grounding for future BIM projects. Long term I aim to increase my academic qualifications further, to boost my knowledge and enhance my skills.

I am currently undertaken my Masters in BIM at the University of South Wales.

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