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Andrew Scott - Quality and Innovation
Andrew Scott - Quality and Innovation
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Peter Liddiard

Summer Placement, Student Engineer

Why did you choose Andrew Scott Ltd?
Andrew Scott Ltd is a well-established, reputable company that has worked on and is currently involved in a diverse range of projects in the construction and Civil Engineering sectors. Because of this I felt that it was an ideal company to gain experience and knowledge, put into practice what I had learnt so far in my studies and also aid the future decisions I would have to make about the direction of my career.

What projects have you recently worked on?
During my placement I was fortunately able to work on a range of projects and learn from employees working in a number of different roles. These projects included the new build of Hirwaun Fire Station, renovation and restoration works at Cardigan Castle and a new housing estate in Haverford West.

What do you enjoy about your job?

Being involved in the design and detail of structures and then going out on site and seeing them take shape is very satisfying. This along with being able to learn from experienced professionals not just on the Civil engineering side of things, but people involved in all aspects of construction has made my placement very enjoyable.

What is your best achievement at Andrew Scott Ltd.?
I don’t feel as though any specific task has been my greatest achievement but the knowledge I have gained has been invaluable in my development as an engineer. I have been involved in such a wide range of engineering tasks including pre-construction on-site surveying, project programing, temporary works design and using computer programs that aid many aspects of the construction process.

What training opportunities have Andrew Scott offered you?
Every day has been an opportunity to learn and Andrew Scott has been very accommodating and proactive in making sure I got the most out of my placement. I was able to sit in on and learn from a wide range of meetings with Engineers, sub-contractors, project managers, consultants and also professionals from initiatives such as BREEAM, which are becoming increasingly more important in Civil Engineering.

What are your future aspirations? After completing my final year at university I would hope to continue working in Civil Engineering with the aim of becoming a chartered Engineer. I am very interested in the energy sector and my placement at Andrew Scott Ltd has helped me gain experience and knowledge about this by being involved in a number of projects with Western Power Distribution.

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