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Sahaviriya Steel Industries

Redcar, Middlesborough

Sahaviriya Steel Industries Value £2.75m
Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI) employed Andrew Scott to construct a Pulverised Coal Injection (PCI) plant at the Redcar Blast Furnace site.
The plant was required to inject coal into the Blast Furnace so as to reduce the coke rate and improve the overall performance of the Blast Furnace.
The PCI plant was required to operate at a coal grinding rate of 120ton/hr via a pulverised grinding mill and a single injection plant (4 vessels) sized to inject 235kg/THM at a Blast Furnace production rate of 11,500 THM/day.

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Value £2.75M
Surveyors Siemens VAI
Engineers Siemens VAI
Start Date 0000-00-00
Contract Period 36 Weeks
Form of Contract ICE 6th 2nd Edition