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Andrew Scott - Quality and Innovation
Andrew Scott - Quality and Innovation
Tel: 01639 889 800
The Grange, Margam, Port Talbot SA13 2SP


Andrew Scott recognises the significant influence and impact that our construction business has upon the economic, environmental and social wellbeing of the communities in which we operate. By having a more structured and collaborative approach to how we address sustainability in our local communities we believe that we will be better able to demonstrate to clients our corporate responsibility credentials and make a positive impact in our communities.

Our Sustainability Policy ensures that all projects are informed by the latest research and expertise. We are committed to providing a sustainability report for every project that details our environmental approach and illustrates to our clients the value of developing a sustainable future.
Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is monitored against Key Performance Indicators and Company Objectives.

Community Benefits

Our aim from the outset, is to work closely with all our Clients to meet any training and recruitment objectives and we also encourage our supply chain partners to participate and support our Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

Throughout this year, we will be looking to engage in collaborative efforts with all our partners to deliver opportunities, which could involve such activities as :-

Fund Raising
Work Experience
Local Community Action Activities

Promoting Supply Chain Opportunities

We are committed to support the many initiatives being driven between Government and businesses to tackle the increasing recruitment and skills challenges of the labour market and economy and to maximise and promote supply chain opportunities with local SME’s.

In support of our commitment to the above, we draw upon all sections of the community for our workforce; from general operatives, skilled tradesmen, plant operators, secretarial and administrative staff, through to senior management. We acknowledge the significance of local involvement and the mutual benefits to be gained; individuals and local communities gain from training and employment opportunities, and the company adds to its skill base and enhances its reputation in the area.

Our Supply Chain is not so prescriptive as to prevent the inclusion of new suppliers, subcontractors and particularly local SME’s by hosting Meeting the Buyer Events through Sell 2 Wales and Constructiononline. It is our policy to adopt a partnering approach with all our supply chain partners and our working relationships will set out a clear goal of mutually beneficial objectives.

Purchasing Policy

It is our policy that wherever possible materials will be procured from environmentally friendly sources. Our purchasing policy has been developed to ensure compliance with our quality, safety and environmental management systems and to promote procurement of more sustainable products and materials.

Waste Management

Andrew Scott at all times subscribe to the Egan Report relating to the Seven Pillars of Partnering - we work with Clients that seek to improve their operational services in an intelligent manner which embraces the partnering ethos and encourages the elimination of wasteful practices. In such an environment, we have continually exceeded client expectations and have become their “Contractor of Choice”.

In addition, we have signed up to the Halving Waste to Landfill initiative to demonstrate our commitment to halving the amount of construction, demolition and excavation waste going to landfill by 2012. We are implementing new processes to help us achieve this commitment including the use of the WRAP Net Waste Tool, The WRAP Site Waste Management Template and the BREMap tool for identifying local companies that can receive and recycle / reuse waste